Getting in touch with our breeders


Breeders have various roles. The most important is to ensure the health of their pups by complying with all the necessary health checks prior to departure of the pups to their new home. Another is to ensure that their pups go to safe and suitable homes for the breed. And finally, breeders are able to educate a prospective buyer about the breed and its needs, and their practices in general. For the most part, our breeders are practicing for the love of the breed and the impact they are making in families' lives. They do not breed puppies to maximise their profits. It is important to be considerate of these roles and motivations when approaching a breeder.

Typically, a breeder will want to see that you are serious about their breed, and that you have researched why their specific breed is right for you. Most breeders will want to establish whether your lifestyle is suitable for their breed of dog. As already mentioned, breeders have a wealth of knowledge about their breed and most are willing to educate you about their breed. You may still have gaps in your knowledge, or simply are undecided whether their specific breed is right for you and your family. If this is the case, please do reach out to the breeder with your questions about their breed. It could look something like this:

“Hi Betty, I am still undecided on whether a Labrador is the right breed for me. I currently live in an apartment and have read online that this may not be suitable for an energetic breed like a Labrador. Are you able to shed some light on this for me please? There is a park across the road from where I live where I could exercise the dog once a day. Would that help?

Thanks a lot,

Our breeders really appreciate informative messages upon enquiry. Please do introduce yourself and state why now is the perfect time to introduce a pup into your home. Our breeders are loving people with big hearts who are looking to place their pups in a caring and loving environment.

Our breeders appreciate you taking the time to describe your living arrangements. Short messages asking about when pups might be available, or what the price is for a pup, are unlikely to be well received by our breeders, which will result in disappointment if your home is not chosen as their pups’ forever home. In summary, our breeders want to establish that you are the perfect fit for their precious pups!

This will ensure a safer community for our pups.