How the breeding date calculator works

  1. What is the rule?
  2. Our calculation
  3. The gestation period
  4. Your bitch’s compliance date
  5. My calculation has no minimum waiting date

What is the rule?

"A member shall not breed a bitch (except under extenuating circumstances) causing it to whelp more than twice in eighteen months without the prior approval of the member’s Member Body."

(Source: Rule 13 in ANKC National Code of Practise of Responsible Dog Ownership)

Our calculation:

After entering in your bitch’s previous 2 whelping dates, you will receive an earliest mating date accompanied with the text below:

“as calculated by subtracting the gestation period (60 days) from your bitch's whelping compliance date (your specific date)"

The gestation period:

The ANKC guidelines for breeders (page 14) states the following: “For most dogs, the average length of gestation (pregnancy) is 63 days post ovulation. The normal time frame between breeding and whelping can vary between 60 to 63 days, depending upon the time when the bitch was mated.”

Our calculator uses 60 days in order to mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

Your bitch’s compliance date:

This date is calculated by adding 18 months to the earliest date of your bitch’s previous two whelpings.

My calculation has no minimum waiting date:

If your bitch’s 2 previous whelping dates are more than 18 months apart you will receive a message stating the following:

“Because the dates you entered are more than 18 months apart, there is no minimum waiting date until this bitch can be mated again.”

Please make sure that the dates you have entered are correct to mitigate the risk of non-compliance.

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