How to organise your litters on DoggyDoor

If you have a rough idea of when your next litters will be born, our platform is well equipped to allow you to organise prospective buyers around these dates.

1. If you haven't already, list your first breed.

2. Head to ‘Plan a litter’ in the menu bar at the top of the website.

3. Select the breed you are planning a litter for.

4. Enter the date range of your planned litter. You are able to add multiple litters should you desire.

Litter months are NOT advertised publicly, however they will be used to provide potential buyers with a rough estimated wait time. Planning your litter months will help you stay organised. Also, nothing is set in stone - you can edit these dates at any point in time!

5. After you have saved these dates to your listing, you will see corresponding tabs in your inbox.

6. Once you receive an enquiry from a prospective buyer, you can then tag them to a litter group, and order them accordingly.

Prospective buyers are unable to see if they are tagged to a litter group, or their ranking in their corresponding litter group. This is for your eyes only!

Organising your litter groups should be a lot easier now that the information you need is all in one place.