My Best Mate, Rhio

Jordan Klein • 18 November 2021

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a dog. My family and I had previously had a dog, a Bichon Frise named Bobby, but he was considerably older than my brother and I, and most of my memories of him are in his twilight years. For the best part of 13 years after Bobby left us, I nagged my parents endlessly for a puppy of my own.

“Who will take it to the park?”
“Who will feed it?”
“Who will pick up the poop?”

I will.
I promise.”

No matter how much I promised that I’d put my hand inside a disposable green bag and pick up yesterday’s dinner, they didn’t give in. They were right. I was not ready for a dog.

Finally, about 3 and a half years ago, my family and I introduced a curious and beautiful black Labrador, who we named Rhio, into our home. Whilst Rhio was incredibly cute and playful, and would stop people on the street with his charm, he provided so much more than just his adoring looks.

Our dad and husband, Bentley, had been battling cancer for about 3 years. The stress in the house was becoming all consuming.

Before Rhio, My brother and I would go to our rooms and indulge in escapism from our family’s health issues. All of a sudden, we were all sitting downstairs – as a family, enjoying Rhio and each other's company.

As my dad’s health issues continued to worsen, and things became more uncertain for us, Rhio remained a constant source of comfort.

Whether it was watching him chase his ball for the 10,000th time in the local park, or simply relaxing outside in any sunlight he could find, Rhio taught me a valuable life lesson.

Enjoy the little things.

Life can be stressful. Life can be harsh. But life can also be beautiful – and I for one, don’t want to miss the beautiful small moments.

Our experience with Rhio showed us, first-hand, the impact that a purebred dog can have on all families, in all situations. This experience, together with the increasing number of scams, mistrust and the lack of transparency that exists in the dog world today prompted my brother and I to pursue DoggyDoor.

We want more families just like us to be able to feel the positive impacts of purebred dogs on their lives.

DoggyDoor makes it easier to connect with ANKC registered breeders. We aim to educate the wider community about the history of purebred dogs, responsible dog ownership and the importance of the ANKC registration.

We proudly promote Australian registered purebred breeders.