DoggyDoor is purpose built for ANKC registered breeders and is completely free for breeders to use; from initial communication with buyers all the way through to finding your pup its new home.

Why don't we charge our breeders a fee?

We appreciate that ANKC breeders only breed for the love and to improve the breed. For this reason, we do not charge any fees to our breeders and want to support them as much as possible. After all, our breeders often breed as a hobby (which can be costly enough in itself).

When do we charge?

DoggyDoor charges a fee to the buyer of a pup, only in the event of a successful transaction. The fee (7.2%) is added on top of the price of the pup. The DoggyDoor service fee is charged as a component of the deposit payment. In other words, when the buyer pays the breeder a deposit for the pup, the DoggyDoor fee will appear as an additional line item to the buyer.

Why do we charge buyers a fee?

In Australia, the average ill-informed puppy buyer is currently being directed to non-registered or "oodle" breeders who sometimes charge up to 3 times as much for a pup when compared with most ANKC breeders. These illegitimate breeders often brand themselves as "premium" breeders, despite not having papers, in order to justify their higher price-point to the misled buyer.

As a response to the surge of overpriced and illegitimate breeders who have flooded the dog market, DoggyDoor offers puppy buyers a source of trust and legitimacy by only advertising ANKC registered breeders.

We believe that the DoggyDoor service fee of 7.2% is a fair premium for buyers to know that the breeder they're buying from is responsible, ethical and is backed by the only trusted registration body; the Australian National Kennel Council.

Why doesn't DoggyDoor just charge a member's subscription fee like other directory websites?

Unlike some older websites used by ANKC breeders, DoggyDoor carefully guides buyers through the research phase of their puppy journey in order to make better informed decisions. Our model charges only when a buyer makes an informed and intentional decision about bringing a dog into their life and successfully transacts on DoggyDoor. This means that we are shifting the focus from simply 'advertising' breeders online to providing an excellent service, in order to make choosing an ANKC-registered purebred the preferred option.

Is the DoggyDoor fee refundable?

The DoggyDoor fee is fully refundable in the event that the transaction needs to be cancelled. For example: If a deposit needs to be refunded, the DoggyDoor fee will be included in the refund.

Any questions?

We're always improving what we do in order to make buying an ANKC registered purebred dog the preferred option, so any feedback is welcome.