DoggyDoor is purpose built for ANKC registered breeders and is completely free for breeders to use; from initial communication with buyers all the way through to finding your pup its new home.

Why don't we charge our breeders a fee?

We appreciate that ANKC breeders only breed for the love and to improve the breed. For this reason, we do not charge any fees to our breeders and want to support them as much as possible. After all, our breeders often breed as a hobby (which can be costly enough in itself).

Why don't we charge buyers a fee?

As stated above, ANKC registered breeders only breed for the love and to improve their breed. They want the most suitable homes, no matter the buyers’ financial circumstances, to receive one of their pups. After many conversations with our breeders on the phone, we decided to forgo commission in order to satisfy this incredibly valued request.

How do we plan on remaining sustainable?

In order to continue serving both ANKC registered breeders and prospective buyers, we plan on advertising on our website and other services.

Why is there a small surcharge on my buyer’s payment?

In order to process payments, DoggyDoor uses a third-party payment processor, Stripe. A small surcharge is added to the buyers’ fee in order to nullify the cost incurred by DoggyDoor for using the Stripe service/s.

Any questions?

We're always improving what we do in order to make buying an ANKC registered purebred dog the preferred option, so any feedback is welcome.