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How much should I expect to pay for a French Bulldog?

For an ANKC registered French Bulldog puppy, buyers should expect to pay anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000. Of course, it is important to consider that over the lifetime of your pup an owner will need to typically spend on food, bedding, toys, equipment, veterinary expenses, training, pet insurance (optional) and more.


Temperament of the French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are an easy-care companion. They are an incredibly affectionate breed who loves to play at every moment. French Bulldogs have a tendency to bare a comical personality and are known to clown around - making for good at home entertainment! They are bright, alert and lively. French Bulldogs get along fairly well with strangers as well as other animals. They especially love spending lots of time with their owners. In general, they are suitable for families with children, however it is always advised to have supervision when with children.


What are the exercise requirements of a French Bulldog?

Just as is the requirement of all breeds, French Bulldogs need their daily dose of exercise. A walk is satisfactory. French bulldogs are prone to overheating due to their Brachycephalic nature (their adorable squashed face). This must be considered when exercising. Do not over exercise your French Bulldog with vigorous running or playing in hot temperatures. They are also unable to swim due to their squashed faces and stocky build.


How should I train my French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are incredibly stubborn despite their intelligent nature. Be consistent and firm, but make sure to employ a lot of patience. Reward good behaviour with praise as well as treats, and correct any undesired behaviour with confidence and consistency. Establish clear boundaries with your French Bulldog from an early age.


What are the health concerns of a French Bulldog?

As with any breed, the French Bulldog is prone to some health conditions that buyers should be aware of. The French Bulldog has gained popularity due to its unique appearance. The French bulldog is Brachycephalic (the distinctive squashed face) which is adorable, but can cause a range of health problems to be aware of. The most common of which is Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, which is the obstruction of the upper airway tract. The extent to how much a Brachycephalic dog suffers from BOAS varies, but it is important to understand the risks, and potential treatments. French Bulldogs are also prone to weakness in the back, eye issues and luxating patellas (dislocating knee joints).


What is a suitable home for a French Bulldog?

French Bulldogs are a suitable breed for loving families that will care for their new family member with lots of love and attention. French Bulldogs are unable to engage in strenuous physical activities such as long hikes and vigorous running, so very active families are not preferred in this instance. French Bulldogs can live happily in an apartment setting given they are walked daily, and provided lots of mental stimulation throughout the day.

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