What is the DoggyDoor fee?

You may have noticed an extra charge under the categorisation ‘DoggyDoor fee’. The fee, which is 7.2% ontop of the listing price of a puppy, is paid by the buyer.

When do we charge a fee?

The DoggyDoor service fee is charged as a component of the deposit payment. In other words, when the buyer pays the breeder a deposit for the pup, the DoggyDoor fee will appear as an additional line item to the buyer.

Why do we charge a fee?

Recently in Australia, we've seen a surge in overpriced and illegitimate puppy sellers who have flooded the dog market. Many of these sellers have unfortunately been prioritising profit over the wellbeing of their dogs. Often out of desperation and a lack of awareness, buyers end up purchasing a puppy without receiving official pedigree papers from the seller. Sometimes puppy buyers have been forced to pay in cash/bank transfer before even having seen the puppy in person. In some tragic circumstances, buyers have been scammed altogether; in situations where there was no puppy to begin with.

As a response to these issues, DoggyDoor offers puppy buyers a source of trust and legitimacy by only advertising verified ANKC registered breeders. We believe that the DoggyDoor service fee of 7.2% is a fair premium for buyers to know that the breeder they're buying from is responsible, ethical and is backed by the only trusted registration body; the Australian National Kennel Council.

DoggyDoor also allows buyers to purchase their puppy via credit card, which offers greater security and traceability when compared with cash or bank transfer. The DoggyDoor service fee also covers the cost of the transaction via credit card.

Is the DoggyDoor fee refundable?

The DoggyDoor fee is fully refundable in the event that the transaction needs to be cancelled. For example: If a deposit needs to be refunded, the DoggyDoor fee will be included in the refund.