Why can't I get in touch with the breeder?

DoggyDoor aims to make it easier to connect with registered Australian purebred breeders. So why can’t I get in touch?

You may see a 'Get Notified' button on the breeder’s listing page. Buyers are able to get in touch with a breeder within a month of their specified litter date. When a litter is more than 1 month away, buyers are able to subscribe (by clicking 'Get Notified') to a breeder’s listing. This means that buyers will be notified by DoggyDoor via email when they are able to get in touch with a breeder.

Why do we do this?

Breeders may be inundated with enquiries often months, or in some cases more than a year, before a litter is due. This means that breeders often end up replying to buyers simply to tell them not to expect a litter for a while. Eventually, when a litter is imminent, breeders spend hours going through all enquiry emails, only to find that buyers are no longer interested.

By subscribing to a breeder’s listing, you're setting yourself up to be the first to get in touch when the breeder is ready, therefore increasing your chances of bringing home your new best friend.