Why you should wait for your pup


Congratulations! You have finally decided that now is the right time to introduce a puppy into your home. You have done all your research into the various breeds, and have come to a very informed decision on a breed that is best for not only yourself and your family, but for the puppy too. Now it’s time to get in touch with some of our breeders.

You may notice that many of our breeders have long waiting times before a puppy becomes available to adopt. Whilst this may deter a lot of buyers, waiting for your puppy is an integral and necessary part of the process to ensure a healthy pup. Let DoggyDoor run you through why it is important to become waitlisted for your puppy.

Breeders on DoggyDoor need to be registered with an ANKC state member. In Victoria, for example, this organisation is Dogs Victoria. Most ANKC registered breeders will have extensive waiting lists filled with buyers eager for a puppy. Breeders will go through their waiting lists and select best-fit buyers to ensure that their puppies are placed in the right homes, tailored to their safety and well-being. Most importantly, waiting for a registered ANKC-bred puppy ensures the health of your puppy.

1. ANKC registered

Waiting a little bit longer for a pup from an ANKC registered breeder ensures that the sire and dam that produce the litter, the litter and most importantly, your puppy, have undergone medical and genetic testing to ensure that your puppy is a temperamentally and physically sound purebred dog, bred by responsible individuals across Australia. For you, your family and your pup, this ensures a healthy, happy puppy where the risks of genetic defects have been minimised.

2. Time to prepare

A puppy becomes an integral part of your family, and is also a 10 - 15 year commitment. This means that you should take your time to make sure that your puppy comes from a reputable breeder. In addition, having time before your puppy arrives will enable you to prepare your home and other aspects of your life for the introduction of a puppy. This is an exciting time - but also an incredibly important time.

3. The beauty of nature

Breeding is a natural process. Breeders are reliant on females coming into season, as well as finding a suitable stud dog to be the sire of the litter. This requires forward but flexible planning by the breeder. To ensure the health and safety of the parents, ANKC registered breeders ensure that breeding-dogs are not over bred. Time is required for nature to take its course, a wait that is rewarded with a purebred pup, bred to the highest ethical standards.

Introducing a pup into your home is a life changing decision and experience. There is no need to rush that decision. Take your time, and enjoy the process!