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↓ How do we screen our breeders?

How we screen our breeders

DoggyDoor only lists verified ANKC registered dog breeders

Registered Breeders Only

DoggyDoor only lists ANKC registered breeders. ANKC registered dog breeders do it for the right reasons; breeding for the continuity, health and excellent standards of their breed. They are held to their respective member body code of ethics.

Validated Credentials

We validate all our breeders' prefixes, membership numbers, and contact details by cross-checking with their state member bodies and ensuring that breeders' memberships are current and up-to-date.

Verified Identities

In order to list on the DoggyDoor website, our breeders must have a conversation with one of our staff (on the phone or in person) to prove that they are who they say they are.

David's DoggyDoor Experience

Dali's New Home

Gretel was easy to communicate with, and so friendly, informative, helpful, and organised etc. Difficult to speak highly enough of her really. We communicated through DoggyDoor mostly, but as we got to know each other better, we tended to augment that with Zoom, email, SMS etc.

Gretel always replied promptly, was always happy to answer questions, and she even installed Zoom so we could virtually visit the pups (at 6 and 7 weeks old, which was delightful and helped us choose our pup)...

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Why We Started DoggyDoor

My Best Mate, Rhio

Our experience with Rhio showed us, first-hand, the impact that a purebred dog can have on all families, in all situations.

This experience, together with the increasing number of scams, mistrust and the lack of transparency that exists in the dog world today prompted my brother and I to pursue DoggyDoor.

'We want more families just like us to be able to feel the positive impacts of purebred dogs on their lives.'

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